Lake Jackson offers excellent vacation spots and recreation areas. Many tourists come from out of state every year for a restful visit. Locals also take advantage of what Lake Jackson has to offer and have fun in the sun on the weekends. People from all over spend a great deal of time on our area’s many waterways, including the bayous, creek, and river. Boating, swimming, paddle boarding, and jet skiing are all very popular activities in Lake Jackson when the weather is warm.

Unfortunately, not everybody acts responsibly out on the water. Careless or reckless behavior by boaters and individuals or entities responsible for boats can have disastrous consequences. If a boating collision injured you or damaged your property, a Lake Jackson boat accident lawyer might be able to help you obtain compensation from responsible parties. Let a local personal injury attorney protect your rights and interests after an accident on the water.

Types of Boating Accidents

People suffer injuries in many different kinds of boating accidents. Sometimes, one vessel crashes into another. Other times, a boat runs aground into shallow water or hits stationary objects, such as docks or buoys. The force of these impacts can cause people to suffer injuries while on the boat or even fall overboard, where they are at risk of drowning or suffering hypothermia. The most serious injuries tend to happen when boaters collide with swimmers.

A dedicated team of attorneys would help a boat crash survivor assess and evaluate all their injuries and damages to pursue a legal claim that adequately compensates them for everything they have lost.

Negligent Operation of a Boat in Lake Jackson

Although boaters have a duty to refrain from careless or reckless actions, many are more relaxed and casual when operating a boat. As a result, accidents are likely to occur when boaters make the following common mistakes:

  • Speeding
  • Drinking or using drugs
  • Improper lookout
  • Operating while distracted (i.e., talking to their passengers, applying sunscreen, eating meals, etc.)
  • Boating in a restricted area, such as a swimming area
  • Inexperienced boating
  • Operating while fatigued or drowsy

Additionally, operating an overcrowded boat could cause the craft to overturn or sink, or force someone overboard.

When boaters act negligently, severe injuries and fatalities can occur. Boaters who make poor choices, such as sharing a drink or two with their friends, ignoring speed limits, or not paying sufficient attention to their surroundings, can cause catastrophic injuries and damages.

A seasoned attorney at our firm has extensive experience in investigating boating accidents in Lake Jackson. They know what evidence to look for to help establish a boater’s negligence and liability.

Mechanical Defects on a Boat

Sometimes, accidents occur even when a boat operator acts responsibly. Some boats have manufacturing errors due to inherently faulty designs or negligent production. An experienced lawyer in Lake Jackson could help an injured claimant pursue a legal claim against the vessel’s manufacturer if a large-scale manufacturing defect contributed to the cause or severity of a boating accident.

Other boats break down or crash because of worn-out parts. Like all vehicles, boats require regular inspection and maintenance. A diligent boat crash attorney would check the condition of the vessel and examine records to determine whether the boat’s owner took it for regular maintenance and whether the maintenance company made any errors.

Call a Lake Jackson Boat Accident Attorney

Boating is supposed to be a fun, relaxing activity. However, accidents on the water involving one or more boats can result in life-changing injuries and fatalities.

A Lake Jackson boat accident lawyer understands Texas boating laws and could review your claim to determine whether somebody’s negligence or recklessness caused your injuries and damages. Our team could help hold liable parties accountable for their actions or inaction to win you the compensation you’re entitled to. Call today to make an initial appointment.

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