Many people in the Lake Jackson area count on buses every day to get to where they need to be. For the most part, buses are a reliable and cost-effective way to get around. Unfortunately, public transit vehicle accidents are inevitable and can leave bus passengers, occupants of other vehicles, and nearby pedestrians seriously injured and out of work for extended periods of time.

If you recently survived a public transit vehicle crash, a seasoned Lake Jackson bus accident lawyer could help you determine who is responsible for your injuries and obtain a fair settlement offer or trial verdict on your behalf. Connect with a personal injury attorney at our firm for the representation and guidance you need.

Investigating Bus Crashes in Lake Jackson

After a public transit vehicle collision, it is critical to determine the precise cause of the crash and who is legally at fault. An experienced attorney could skillfully investigate a bus accident in Lake Jackson to determine who is liable for an injured person’s damages.

Although the cause of a bus collision might seem obvious at first, these accidents are often complex and tend to involve multiple liable parties. It is urgent to work with a knowledgeable attorney with a proven track record of success in bus crash claims. A member of our legal team would work tirelessly to review the police reports, eyewitness testimony, traffic camera footage, cellphone records, medical records, black box data, and employee manuals to ensure that a person injured by the collision is not left burdened by lost wages and exorbitant medical expenses.

Driver Error

Driver error is the most common cause of public transit vehicle accidents in Lake Jackson. Because they carry passengers as common carriers, bus drivers and their employers must adhere to a higher standard of care than other motorists. Unfortunately, the following negligent driving mistakes still lead to a large number of bus wrecks every year:

  • Failure to yield
  • Illegal turns
  • Speeding
  • Intoxicated driving
  • Distracted driving, including eating, using a GPS, or texting while driving
  • Fatigued driving
  • Poorly trained or inexperienced driving

Reckless lane changes also commonly cause otherwise preventable collisions, as buses have larger blind spots that require drivers to be extra careful and remain on the lookout for other vehicles when changing lanes.

Unsafe Working Conditions for Bus Drivers

Many driving mistakes can be attributed to a bus driver’s working conditions, meaning bus companies are often held responsible for their drivers’ errors. For example, if a bus company harshly penalizes late drivers, their drivers might be tempted to cut corners by speeding. Additionally, if the bus company failed to property train or vet its drivers, it could be liable for an accident caused by an inexperienced or historically negligent driver.

Condition of the Bus

Bus companies have a duty to periodically inspect and maintain their public transit vehicles. As part of that duty, they must equip their buses with proper safety equipment and regularly replace worn-out parts, such as tires and brakes. Along with checking the condition of the bus, attorneys would also look for any manufacturer recalls and review the maintenance records of the bus in question to determine whether company did its due diligence. If a mechanical error led to the crash, a skilled lawyer serving Lake Jackson could help pursue a claim against the bus owner and maintenance team.

Let a Lake Jackson Bus Accident Attorney Help You

A bus crash can upend your life and leave you with many questions. You might not know where to turn or what to do next.

A qualified Lake Jackson bus accident lawyer could help answer those questions, address your concerns, and walk you through the steps necessary to recover compensation through a civil claim. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your case with a professional.

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