Everyone knows that dogs are man’s best friend. Many homes in Lake Jackson have at least one dog. Pets provide comfort, joy, and entertainment, and after a while, they become part of the family. For the most part, dogs co-exist perfectly with human beings. However, for that to happen, dog owners must be responsible.

Dogs require training and socialization, and sometimes owners need to restrain them. Even under the best of circumstances, some dogs can be unpredictable and may suddenly become overly aggressive or territorial.

If someone else’s dog bit you or your family member, a Lake Jackson dog bite lawyer could help you pursue monetary damages for the associated losses. Let a personal injury attorney assist you throughout the process of claiming compensation for a canine attack.

Why do Dogs Sometimes Bite People?

Even good dogs can sometimes become aggressive when provoked. To defend themselves, they might lash out at people in stressful situations or when they feel scared or threatened. Animals have an instinctual need to protect themselves against perceived threats. Sometimes, they become territorial about their house, food, or even their owners, feeling like they need to protect these things.

Unfortunately, children are commonly the victims of dog attacks in Lake Jackson because they are too young to understand how to behave around dogs. Many kids are too rough and unintentionally harm a dog, such as by pulling its tail or ears, potentially causing the dog to react. Due to their small size, children often suffer more severe injuries, such as disfiguring facial wounds, as a result of dog bites.

Sadly, some dogs are more likely to bite than others. Specifically, dogs with a history of aggression or past abuse are often more prone to attacking people. A strong legal team would work diligently to help a dog bite victim recover the compensation they need to move on from this event.

Relevant Dog Bite Laws in Lake Jackson

Unlike other states, Texas law does not apply strict liability to all dog bite cases. In some states, a claimant can succeed just by proving that they did not provoke the dog to attack. To succeed in Texas, however, the claimant generally must demonstrate that the attack was the dog owner or caretaker’s fault.

One Bite Rule

Texas courts only apply strict liability in cases where the dog has a history of or propensity toward violence and the owner either knew of that history or should have known about it. An experienced canine attack lawyer could help a claimant look into the dog’s history. If the owner knew that their dog might bite, they could be held liable for failing to take proper precautionary actions to prevent it from happening.

Negligent Handling of Any Dog

It is possible to establish fault by proving that the dog’s owner or caretaker did not exercise reasonable care in their control or handling of the animal. Even if the dog did not have a prior history of violence, a bite victim might be able to prevail in a Texas court if they can show that the owner did not have the dog on a leash or in a fenced yard.

A local attorney would investigate the incident to see how and why the dog bite occurred. They understand that many owners try to evade responsibility by placing blame on the person who was attacked. Our legal team knows how to fight back against these tactics to help canine attack survivors obtain justice for their losses.

Get in Touch with a Lake Jackson Dog Bite Attorney

Dog bites can have a debilitating impact on your life. In many cases, canine attack survivors are left with scarring, disfigurement, and a phobia of dogs. People who negligently allow their dangerous dogs to attack others should be held accountable for being irresponsible pet owners.

If an unrestrained pet harmed you, reach out to a Lake Jackson dog bite lawyer at our firm. Let us see what we can do to make things right for you.

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