When a person sustains an acute injury to their brain, neck, or spinal cord, it could damage their body’s relay system and result in paralysis. The body’s relay system is a chain of nerve cells that runs from different body parts to the brain, then back to the body part again. Paralysis is the loss of control over a group of muscles in part of the body and can be temporary or permanent depending on the severity. Treatment could range from physical therapy to surgery.

If you or a loved one became paralyzed because of the negligent actions of another person, contact an experienced Pearland paralysis injury lawyer right away to discuss the details of the accident. A seasoned injury attorney could help you hold them accountable for your personal and financial losses in civil court.

Different Forms of Paralysis

A person can suffer from localized paralysis, which only affects one part of their body, or generalized paralysis, which involves a more significant portion of their body. In the event a person becomes paralyzed because of another party’s careless behavior, they should contact a Pearland personal injury attorney right away. There are four basic categories of paralysis:


This form of paralysis affects one limb on one side of the body. Monoplegia occurs when an injury to part of the nervous system disrupts the signals to the affected limb.


This form of paralysis occurs on one side of the body after brain damage or trauma to the spinal cord. Hemiplegia causes issues with muscle control, stiffness, and weakness. The severity of damages depends on the extent of the injuries.


This type of paralysis affects the person’s lower body, including the torso and the legs. Paraplegia often occurs when the individual suffers an injury to the lower part of the spine.


This form of paralysis affects all four limbs. Quadriplegia occurs when injuries occur to the upper spinal cord portion by the neck or base of the skull.

Pearland Statute of Limitations

In this state, there is a strict timeframe that a plaintiff in a paralysis injury case must abide by when they file their case with the civil court. The statute of limitations strictly enforces the deadline by which you must file your claim.

Under the Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code section 16.003, you only have two years from the accident date to file a paralysis injury claim. If you do not file the lawsuit before the deadline expires, the court will likely dismiss the case preventing you from making a financial recovery. A seasoned paralysis injury lawyer in Pearland could ensure you file all legal documents within the statute’s requirements.

Book a Consultation with a Pearland Paralysis Injury Attorney

Paralysis is not only the lack of ability to move a limb or limbs. The injuries also put stress on the rest of the injured person’s body. Paralyzed individuals often suffer from respiratory issues, high blood pressure, and mental health conditions.

If a person sustains these injuries because of careless or reckless actions, they have every right to expect a court to hold them accountable and recover compensation for their damages and losses. Contact a Pearland paralysis injury lawyer to begin working on your claim.

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