Unlike accidents involving personal watercrafts, accidents on industrial boats traveling into or out of Texas harbors rarely involve collisions with other vessels or negligence by someone unqualified to operate their own boat. Between the heavy machinery, hazardous materials, and dangerous tasks inherent to virtually every job on industrial ships, the people who work aboard these vessels may be trained for the tasks but still have a much greater risk of getting hurt due to recklessness or carelessness from their employer.

Depending on the circumstances, someone hurt while working in an industrial environment on or near a maritime vessel may have various options for pursuing financial compensation, which a knowledgeable maritime injury attorney could explain in greater detail. If you want the best chances of maximizing your recoverable compensation after an incident like this, enlist the help of a seasoned Pearland industrial boating accident lawyer.

Where and how Industrial Boating Accidents Happen

Anyone who works aboard a vessel traveling in navigable waters, or whose job on land primarily involves loading, unloading, servicing, or performing any other task related to such a vessel’s operation, can be considered a “maritime” worker. Industrial vessels that often operate in and around Texas ports range from massive container ships transporting cargo across international waters to the numerous barges, dredges, tugboats, and other smaller boats that help facilitate travel for larger ships.

Unfortunately, while work on each of these vessels can be dangerous and potentially deadly in unique ways, many hazards that result in industrial boating accidents stem from negligence by an employer, co-worker, or contractor affiliated with an injured worker’s employer. Common causes of industrial boating accidents in Pearland that may allow for financial recovery include:

  • Defective or absent safety equipment
  • Lack of appropriate training or supervision
  • Fatigue and inexperience
  • Malfunctions in heavy machinery
  • Slips and falls due to unsafe walking surfaces
  • An employer or colleague’s failure to follow applicable safety regulations

An experienced lawyer serving the local area could discuss during a confidential consultation what kind of recovery your industrial boat accident might allow for.

Options for Pursuing Compensation after an Industrial Boating Accident

People who primarily work on or around actively operating maritime vessels are not covered by the same workers’ compensation insurance system as Texas workers on land. Instead, they may seek restitution for harm suffered in a work-related accident under federal and/or maritime law, depending on their role and how exactly they were hurt.

Maritime workers whose duties primarily take place on an active vessel in navigable waters may seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, lost earning capacity, and various other losses under the federal Jones Act. The federal Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act likewise provides protection after workplace accidents to longshoremen, dock workers, and other maritime employees who work primarily on land.

Furthermore, maritime workers who get hurt specifically due to negligence by their employer or some other third party may be eligible for additional “maintenance and care” benefits. A well-versed industrial boating accident lawyer in Pearland could provide more insight about varying recoverable losses during a private initial meeting.

Consider Working with a Pearland Industrial Boating Accident Attorney

Pursuing fair financial recovery after an injury on the job is rarely a simple process, and that is especially true for people who perform industrial maritime work. Determining what rules apply to you and your potential claim and obtaining the benefits you need can be made easier with the professional help and guidance of an attorney at our firm.

Do not hesitate to connect with a capable Pearland industrial boating accident lawyer who knows exactly how to handle cases like yours. Call today to learn more.

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