The job of seamen can be dangerous but also rewarding. The work may pay well, and you may like your job, but when you are injured at work, you deserve to be compensated for your losses. When you are injured on the job as a seaman, maritime law protects your rights and allows you to pursue monetary damages. You may qualify for a lawsuit under the Jones Act or the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, depending on the nature of your accident.

Maritime law is unique from state civil law. You should therefore consider working with a Pearland seaman injury lawyer who understands these nuances and how to use them to your advantage. Our maritime injury attorneys are ready to consult you on your case.

How do Seamen in Pearland Become Injured?

A seaman is usually injured while they are on a ship or other vessel located in “navigable waters.” When this happens, their claim is subject to maritime law, which is a specific set of statutes that pertains to the ocean and waters connected to it. This can include coastal, inland, and seabed areas.

Injuries to seamen can happen on a variety of vessels, including:

  • Dive boats
  • Fishing boats
  • Oil rigs
  • Barges
  • Ferries
  • Commercial boats
  • Shipping boats
  • Riverboats

Many of these crafts are capable of traversing navigable waters. When a seaman suffers an injury on these waters, their claim will be subject to maritime law.

Seaman Injuries on the Job

When a Pearland seaman is injured, the consequences can impact their daily life functions, health, and finances. Devastating physical injuries may lead to high medical and rehabilitative costs, adding to the psychological harm and stress suffered by injured seamen.

Injuries common in seaman accidents include, but are not limited to:

These are not the only injuries a seaman may sustain in a maritime accident but show just how dangerous a job at sea can be.

The Jones Act and its Impact on Seaman Injury Claims

Under the Jones Act, a seaman who contributes to a mission or function of a vessel and spends at least 30 percent of their time onboard a ship has the right to seek compensation from their employer in the event of an injury on the job. A seaman must prove that their employer’s actions or inaction directly caused their otherwise preventable injuries.

Proving that a seaman qualifies for protections under the Jones Act can be tricky. A seasoned Pearland attorney understands how to navigate this complex federal law and could help an injured seaman seek compensation for from their employer.

Seek the Services of a Seaman Injury Attorney in Pearland

You do important work. You deserve compensation for any injuries suffered on the job as a result of your employer’s or third-party negligence. The process can seem daunting without the right assistance, but our firm has the knowledge and resources to help. Speak with an experienced Pearland seaman injury lawyer today for a consultation of your claim.

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