Buses are a great way to commute Texas. You could catch up on your work or your sleep as you go back-and-forth to the city. Buses are also essential for transporting children to school, tourists to their destinations, and fans to a ballgame. Unfortunately, whether you are a rider, a motorist, a pedestrian, or cyclist, a crash involving a bus could cause devastating injuries.

People who are hurt in bus accidents could seek damages from all the negligent parties that had a role in the incident with help from a seasoned local attorney. Contacting a Pearland bus accident lawyer as soon as possible after the wreck could preserve all your rights to compensation.

 Evidence in a Bus Crash Case

Anyone seeking damages after suffering injuries in a bus crash must prove that another party’s negligence contributed to the accident. Negligence is a lack of reasonable care to prevent injury to others.

A seasoned attorney in Pearland could look for evidence of negligence that resulted in a bus wreck. Evidence may include police reports, witness statements, and crash reconstruction reports. In-vehicle cameras, electronic control system data, and surveillance video could also provide critical information.

Depending on the circumstances, other significant evidence could include the bus driver’s training records, personnel file, and arrest history, if any. The bus driver’s cell phone records might be relevant if there is any indication that they were driving while distracted. The vehicle’s safety record and maintenance schedule also could supply crucial information.

Who is Liable for a Public Transit Accident?

In many cases, the bus driver and their employer will be liable for your damages. However, depending on the circumstances, numerous other parties might have potential responsibility for a bus crash. A knowledgeable Pearland attorney could seek to secure damages from all the parties whose conduct caused you harm.

If the bus was running a route on behalf of the state of Texas or a local government, the government could be a liable party. A unit of government might also be liable if malfunctioning traffic control devices, pour lane markings, or shoddy road maintenance contributed to the accident. Other potentially liable parties include the bus maintenance contractor, the bus manufacturer, other drivers involved in the incident, and any other party whose negligence was a factor.

Deadline to File a Claim in Pearland

A Pearland injury attorney could complete and submit necessary paperwork within statutory timelines. For example, although the statute of limitations for a personal injury lawsuit in Texas is two years, the rule is different if the liable party is a state or local government. The Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §101.101 requires you to send a formal notice of claim to government defendants within six months of the injury. Some local governments allow only 90 days to file the notice.

Get in Touch with a Pearland Bus Accident Attorney Right Away

Recuperating from a serious accident is a difficult and stressful process. Allow an experienced Pearland bus accident lawyer to relieve some of your burdens and help you get financial compensation from the negligent parties who caused the crash.

Insurance company lawyers might use bullying or intimidation to try to achieve a smaller settlement, so you need a strong advocate who will stand up to them and not back down until you get appropriate damages for the losses you suffered. Make an appointment to speak with a caring attorney today.

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