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Furey Law Firm lawyers represent individuals in civil litigation. The firm’s office is located in Pearland, Texas, and makes it centrally located within the Gulf Coast region for easy access to courts in this dynamic and growing region. The firm’s lawyers represent clients in both state and federal courts.

Furey Law Firm personal injury attorneys offer proven experience handling a wide range of personal injury litigation matters. Injuries sustained as a result of the negligence or wrongdoing of another individual may be eligible for compensation to pay for past, present and future damages. At Furey Law Firm, we can evaluate your claim, inform you of your legal options and provide aggressive representation to help you pursue your claim.



Settlement won on behalf of motor accident victims.
Settlement won for grieving family that lost their father.
Settlement won for wrongful death case.
Settlement won for motorcycle accident victim.

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Pearland Personal Injury Lawyer

You should not have to pay for another person’s or company’s negligence. If you have been injured because of a preventable incident someone else caused, you could be eligible for compensation. A Pearland personal injury lawyer wants to help you recover any damages you may be owed. Reach out to a skilled civil attorney for reliable representation.

Grounds for Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury is any bodily harm someone suffers as the result of negligence or the intentional act of another. This can occur because of many different situations, such as:

These accidents can result in serious injuries, such as disfigurement, brain or spine trauma, paralysis, burns, and broken bones. You have the right to pursue compensation if you feel they have a legitimate claim. A Pearland attorney could advise on the legitimacy of the civil claim and what steps to take.


What are Potential Barriers to Recovery?

To win a personal injury lawsuit in Pearland, you or your legal representative must have proof of the other party’s negligence. They will need to produce evidence that the other party acted carelessly or failed to fulfill an obligation to protect you from certain hazards, that negligence resulted in the accident and injuries in question, and you suffered economic losses from said injuries.

How an attorney goes about obtaining this proof will vary depending on the type of personal injury case they are dealing with. A workplace injury case may require a different approach than a defective products or car accident case. Different types of cases involve different evidence, which is why some personal injury cases can take longer than others to resolve.


Work with a Pearland Personal Injury Attorney Today

If you have grounds for a civil claim or suspect you have a claim, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with a Pearland personal injury lawyer. No matter the circumstances of your case, a legal professional is ready and willing to listen to your concerns and discuss potential options. Call today to schedule your initial consultation.

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