Drivers in Texas are subject to the state’s fault-based car insurance system. A fault-based system means that if there is a car crash, the at-fault driver’s auto insurance is responsible for the damages. Due to this, injured persons who seek damages after a car wreck must have proof that the accident was another driver’s fault.

A Pearland car accident lawyer could be beneficial when it comes to proving fault. A reliable local attorney could help you gather evidence that proves who the liable party is, and work directly with the insurance companies to negotiate a settlement for your personal injury case so that you do not have to.

Proving Fault for a Vehicle Crash

Arguably, the most critical element of a strong auto accident case is proof of fault. If you can prove that the other party caused your vehicle accident, a Pearland attorney will have more leverage when negotiating a settlement with the insurance company.

To prove fault in a civil case stemming from a motor vehicle accident, a seasoned lawyer must provide evidence to prove the elements of negligence. This includes that the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty that they failed to perform, the defendant’s negligence caused the accident, and the accident directly caused the plaintiff’s losses. Evidence can include a police report, traffic citation, video footage, and witness testimony.

Injury Documentation

Another important factor in a car crash case is thorough documentation of your injuries. The first thing you should do after leaving the scene of the accident is to seek medical treatment. This allows a medical professional to diagnose and record the harm done, validating your ensuing injury claim. In some cases, your healthcare provider could come on as an expert witness to testify to the long-term personal and financial implications of your injuries.

Handling Pearland Auto Insurance Companies

One of the hardest things about a car accident injury case is dealing with insurance companies. Injured persons face an uphill battle when trying to justify the severity of their injuries to insurance adjusters. Often, the insurance company will try to invalidate the injuries in an effort to reduce the compensation they could have to pay.

Thankfully, a skilled car crash lawyer in Pearland knows how to navigate these tricky waters. Dedicated legal professionals could conduct a thorough investigation into the accident after you file the initial claim. Once they have enough evidence to push for a fair settlement, they can begin negotiating for compensation.

Notably, it is wise for you to refrain from speaking to the other party’s insurance company when your legal representation is not present. The insurance company may try to trick you into admitting liability for the accident. For this reason, it is best to let your lawyer handle communications with insurance companies whenever possible.

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