Commercial vehicles are substantially larger than most passenger vehicles. Unfortunately, this means collisions between the two often results in devastating losses to the occupants of the smaller car. Recovering full compensation for the losses you have suffered in a semi-truck wreck could be difficult without guidance from a skilled local attorney.

A Pearland truck accident lawyer could help. From negotiating with the trucking company’s insurance to gathering evidence from the scene, skilled representation could be highly beneficial.

Proving Liability After a Big Rig Accident

Liability is crucial in truck wreck cases because insurance companies will not pay for damages if you cannot prove that the truck driver was at fault. Insurance companies do not want to have to pay a settlement, so they require proof of fault before offering to settle.

Notably, some truck accidents are not always the truck driver’s fault. A Pearland attorney investigating a semi-truck crash may look for evidence to provide answers to the following questions:

  • Had the driver consumed drugs or alcohol before taking the wheel?
  • Did the driver follow all traffic rules and signs?
  • Was the driver licensed and qualified to operate a commercial truck?
  • Did the trucking company adhere to all loading standards?
  • Has the trucking company kept up with routine vehicle inspections and maintenance?

In addition to the truck driver, other liable parties can include the truck driver’s employer, cargo loaders, and vehicle manufacturers.

Recoverable Damages After an 18-Wheeler Crash

A common question people want to be answered before filing an accident injury claim is about how much compensation they will receive if the case is successful. The short answer is it depends. The various circumstances surrounding the accident can usually indicate how much compensation you may be entitled to, but these are case-specific and often difficult to estimate until the negotiation process begins.

It is not always possible for a tractor-trailer accident lawyer in Pearland to predict how much compensation you could receive, but there are some factors that might influence the amount that they feel is fair to try to negotiate for. The number of vehicles involved in the accident, any damage to the road or surrounding area, the severity of the resulting injuries, and how many people were injured are some things that an attorney should consider when negotiating a settlement. The ideal amount of compensation should be at least equal to the amount of harm done.

Statute of Limitations in Pearland

In order to obtain a settlement, you must first file an injury claim in Texas within two years of the 18-wheeler collision. A Pearland lawyer handling your truck crash case could advise you on what documents to fill out and where to submit them.

Once you have submitted your claim, the legal representative could begin investigating the case and compiling evidence. It is important to not wait to file your claim as important evidence can be lost over time.

Partner with a Pearland Attorney to Fight for a Fair Truck Accident Settlement

Collisions involving large commercial vehicles can result in serious personal and financial losses to you and your family. Do not try to hold the negligent party liable without guidance from a skilled Pearland truck accident lawyer. Call today to schedule your initial consultation.

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