Business contracts create protections for parties who have commercial relationships with one another. Contracts are essential to the orderly function of the economy. When a contracted for obligation is not fulfilled, the law allows for the injured party to recover money damages for that breach of contract.

The successful recovery of money owed, or the defending against claims that someone has breached their obligations, requires an experienced attorney who understands the complex nature of breach of contract claims. The Furey Law Firm in Pearland, TX has handled breach of contract claims, both inside the court room and out, in Brazoria County and across Texas.

Hiring a Pearland breach of contract lawyer can be expensive and in some situations in doesn’t make sense to spend more on a legal representative than you can realistically expect to get back in return. The dedicated business litigation attorneys at the Furey Law Firm are experienced in breach of contract claims and can help you decide what is the best financial decision for you or your business.

Types of Breach of Contract Litigation

The Furey Law Firm has experience handling the following areas of breach of contract litigation:

  • Lease agreements
  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Warranty agreements
  • Loans and promissory notes
  • Business sale and merger agreements
  • Missed deadlines
  • Real estate contracts
  • Partnership agreements

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