The thousands of ships that pass through Texas ports each year would never get anywhere without the efforts of the dock workers ashore in those ports. From performing routine maintenance to loading and unloading cargo, to handling any other crucial task that needs doing while a ship is docked, these workers are an essential part of the modern maritime industry but are unfortunately susceptible to workplace injuries as well.

If you were injured while performing your job duties as a dock worker, your employer may owe you compensation for various ensuing losses. With a knowledgeable maritime injury attorney’s guidance, you could have the best chances of securing a positive case result without too much additional stress or financial loss. Let a Pearland dock worker injury lawyer help you make things right.

How Do Injuries Typically Happen in Docks and Ports?

Just like almost every other job in the maritime industry, employment as a dock worker comes with a variety of risks that, if not handled correctly and safely by everyone on a worksite, could lead to serious and potentially fatal injuries. Examples of how dock workers most commonly suffer harm while working include:

In the best-case scenario, a dock accident stemming from negligence by an employer, colleague, or contractor only leads to minor injuries like cuts, ligament strains, or broken bones that will heal completely with appropriate medical care. However, accidents on docks around Pearland often cause debilitating injuries like severe brain trauma, spinal cord damage, severe burns, limb amputation, and lacerations that result in permanent disfigurement.

Recovery Options for Injured Dock Workers in Pearland

Rather than through Texas’ workers’ compensation program, maritime dock workers who are injured on the job may pursue compensation for their accident-related losses under a piece of federal legislation called the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHCWA). The LHCWA provides numerous benefits to dock workers and other maritime workers who perform most of their jobs on land as opposed to at sea, many of which are not available through a typical workers’ comp claim.

In addition to coverage for all medical expenses and rehabilitative care needed after a dock accident, a successful LHCWA claim may also provide up to two-thirds of the wages you miss while you are out of work, mileage reimbursement, and parking fees accrued while getting to doctors’ appointments. Benefits for permanent partial or total disability are also available in some situations involving particularly severe dock accident injuries.

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Injuries to workers in maritime ports and docks can have a devastating effect not only on their ability to keep their job and earn a living, but also on their ability to live a normal life outside of work. Fortunately, workers in this unfortunate position have a right to pursue financial restitution for various losses they experience as a consequence of a workplace accident.

A Pearland dock worker injury lawyer could provide the custom-tailored guidance you need to effectively demand the compensation you deserve. Learn more by calling our firm today.

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