Most of the time, people can travel by foot without incident. However, occasionally negligent drivers may strike unsuspecting pedestrians, resulting in catastrophic if not deadly injuries. Unlike vehicle occupants, pedestrians have little protection from these impacts, and the injuries can be life-altering. After a collision with a vehicle, a pedestrian could require years of follow-up medical care, missing long periods from work, and require physical and psychological therapies.

To recover compensation for the harm you have suffered, you may require the assistance of an accomplished civil attorney. Call a skillful Brazoria County pedestrian accident lawyer right away to discuss the details of your case.

Liability in a Collision Between a Pedestrian and Vehicle

A pedestrian will need to prove that the driver of the vehicle was negligent to receive compensation for their injuries. The law requires that motorists exercise specific due care to avoid collisions with people traveling by foot on or near roadways. If a driver does not provide that due care by texting while driving, failing to obey traffic signals or street signs, or driving while under the influence, a court could award the pedestrian financial compensation for the harm they have suffered in an accident.

In some collisions, the court could find both parties partially responsible. This state follows a modified comparative fault law. If the court finds that the pedestrian is 30 percent accountable for their injuries, they could award them damages for the remaining 70 percent. If a court finds that the pedestrian is more than 50 percent responsible, they would not be entitled to collect compensation for their damages. A seasoned Brazoria County pedestrian injury accident attorney could answer your questions on comparative fault and help you calculate your damages.

Compensation Available to an Injured Pedestrian

Under the state Civil Practice and Remedies Code Chapter 41.001, a court could award you compensation for damages if a negligent motorist strikes you while you were traveling by foot. Recoverable damages include economic and noneconomic losses. Economic damages include monetary losses you suffered as a result of your injuries. economic damages include lost wages and benefits, medical bills, and lost benefits. A court may award non-economic damages for their intangible losses, including emotional anguish, physical pain, and suffering. If you have any questions regarding state laws covering compensation, a seasoned pedestrian accident lawyer in Brazoria County could help.

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If you were hurt while traveling by foot, you could be eligible to collect damages for your lost wages, current and future medical bills, mental anguish, pain and suffering, and all out-of-pocket expenses. A skilled Brazoria County pedestrian accident lawyer could help you investigate the incident and collect the evidence you need to prove negligence.

A seasoned attorney could also work with the aggressive insurance companies on your behalf and advocate for the damages and justice you deserve for the injuries and losses you suffered. Keep in mind that there are strict court-enforced timeframes in which you must file your case with the civil court. Call right away so we may begin working on your case.

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