In recent years, Brazoria County has garnered worldwide attention for numerous high-profile, complex cases that have been litigated here. Furey Law Firm serves as local counsel for businesses and law firms throughout the United States and abroad. We are frequently chosen as local counsel because of our extensive trial experience, commitment to innovative and aggressive representation, and our ability to actively practice law in the state of Texas.

We routinely provide critical assistance in all areas of complex litigation. As a result, we are very familiar with the applicable local rules, likes and dislikes of the local judges, and the subtle yet important nuances of the courts. Clients and law firms that have engaged us as local counsel have found our services invaluable to their litigation efforts.
Local Counsel
We have served as local counsel for plaintiffs and defendants, including some of the nation’s largest companies and law firms, as well as smaller businesses and individuals.

Our role as local counsel varies, depending upon the needs and desires of the client and his or her general counsel. In some cases, we assist lead counsel as needed in preparing complex cases for trial. In other cases, we serve as lead counsel, which requires us to actually manage the litigation, including trial. From the most complex to the most routine commercial litigation, Furey Law Firm can provide the services required to obtain success in litigation.

Furey Law Firm

Furey Law Firm