Many people choose to ride bicycles as a cost-effective way to commute, exercise, or for leisure. Unfortunately, many motorists are not as cautious as they should be, and bike riders can get hurt as a result.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries while cycling, a Lake Jackson bike accident lawyer could help you get appropriate compensation. With help from a skilled civil attorney, you could hold a negligent driver or another negligent party accountable for the harm they caused you.

Rights of Cyclists in Lake Jackson

Under Texas Transportation Code §155.001, cyclists on public roads have the same rights and duties as motorists. Unfortunately, many drivers do not respect bicycle riders’ right to share the roads or fail to pay attention to them.

Many collisions between cyclists and drivers happen because motorists do not allow a cyclist sufficient space. The law requires cyclists moving slower than traffic to stay as far right as possible, but they are entitled to be anywhere in the lane if there is an obstruction or safety issue on the right side of the road, or if they are preparing to turn left.

Crashes between bicycles and motor vehicles could also happen if a:

  • Driver makes a left turn in front of a cyclist with the right-of-way
  • Vehicle turns right, cutting off a bicycle in the right side of the lane
  • Motorist pulls out of a parking lot or driveway into the path of an oncoming bicycle
  • Car suddenly swerves or changes lanes into a bike
  • Motorist opens a vehicle door into the path of a cyclist

Whatever the circumstances of a bike crash, a Lake Jackson attorney could determine whose negligence might have contributed to it and claim damages from the responsible parties.

Common Injuries in Bike Wrecks

Since bicyclists have little protection other than a helmet, they could suffer significant injuries in a collision with a motor vehicle. Although bicycle helmets have been proven effective in reducing the severity of some head injuries, they are not mandatory in the state.

Cyclists who get into collisions with motor vehicles could suffer severe abrasions called road rash. Road rash is not a purely cosmetic injury as these abrasions are prone to infections, and extensive road rash could require skin grafts to repair. Fractures of the wrist, elbow, shoulder, and clavicle are other common injuries cyclists sustain in crashes. Hip and lower leg fractures sometimes occur.

Crushing injuries that damage internal organs, traumatic brain injury, and spinal cord damage are also possible in a bicycle accident. A Lake Jackson attorney could help you get compensation for all your losses stemming from your cycling accident.

Establishing Negligence

Damages could pay for an injured cyclist’s medical expenses, lost income, future injury-related losses, and even compensate for their pain and suffering. However, to be eligible for damages, a cyclist must prove someone’s negligence led to their injury.

Proving negligence requires the Lake Jackson cyclist’s attorney to prove that a party did not exercise the care required to protect the bicyclist from injury. If the negligent party was a motorist, the attorney could present evidence of speeding or distracted driving, failure to obey traffic laws, poor vehicle maintenance, or another example of carelessness or recklessness that led to the accident.

Sometimes another party’s negligence might have contributed to the accident. For example, a local government could be liable if poor road maintenance led to an accident. If a mechanical failure caused the crash, a manufacturer might have responsibility. Any party whose conduct created a condition that led to the cyclist’s injury could be liable for the resulting damages.

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Getting hit while riding your bike is traumatic physically and emotionally, and you need time to recover. Allow a Lake Jackson bicycle accident lawyer to handle the process of seeking compensation while you focus on regaining your health.

There is limited time to bring a lawsuit, so swift action is critical. Schedule a time to speak with an experienced advocate today.

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