If you lose your footing while on another person’s property and hurt yourself, you could have a valid claim against the owners or occupiers of the premises. A Lake Jackson slip and fall lawyer could review the circumstances of your accident with you to determine whether a property owner or occupier’s negligence was a factor. If so, a dedicated civil attorney could help you seek damages from the responsible party through settlement negotiations or court, if necessary.

Can Someone Suffer a Serious Injury in a Fall?

Slip and fall injuries might be limited to a simple bone fracture or even a sprain. In other cases, a serious fall could result in traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage, or another catastrophic injury that could impact your life forever.

Whether the injury results in a few weeks of pain and inconvenience, or permanently affects your life, you are entitled to receive reimbursement for the losses suffered because of someone else’s negligence.  A Lake Jackson attorney could help you compile the evidence they need to demonstrate the losses you suffered due to the tripping hazard on another’s property.

Damages could include all medical expenses, including future costs you will incur because of the injury. Other elements of damages include missed time at work and used benefits. If the injury will prevent you from returning to your job, damages could compensate for your reduced future earnings. You could also receive compensation for your suffering while the injury was healing and your diminished quality of life afterward.

Defining Negligence in Trip and Fall Cases

One definition of legal negligence is failing to uphold a duty to another person, resulting in their injury. In the context of a case in which someone suffers an injury on another person’s property, the extent of the duty the owner or occupier owes depends on the reason the person is visiting. A seasoned slip and fall attorney in Lake Jackson could explain the standard of negligence that could apply in a specific case.

Business Operators

People who operate a business, either as owners or lessees of the premises, owe the highest duty of care to the customers and others who visit the business. The business operator must make regular inspections to ensure the premises are free of hazards and promptly repair any hazards they discover. If immediate repair is not possible, the operator must warn visitors of the danger and take reasonable steps to prevent harm.

Social Hosts

A social host must warn visitors of any unseen hazards that would not be obvious, but that is the extent of their duty. A social host has no obligation to inspect regularly or repair dangerous conditions.


There is no obligation to make property safe for trespassers. An individual who suffers an injury while on property without permission generally has no right to claim damages from the property owner, occupier, or operator.

What is the Filing Deadline in Lake Jackson?

If an injury occurs on someone else’s property, there are laws governing how long a claimant can wait before filing a lawsuit for damages. A failure to meet the deadline could mean the claimant loses their right to seek compensation in court.

If the premises owner or operator is an individual or a business entity, an injured person has two years to bring a lawsuit seeking damages for personal injury. However, there are some circumstances that might extend the deadline. An experienced Lake Jackson attorney could assess the timeframe for filing a slip and fall suit in a particular case.

If the premises owner or operator is a government unit like the City of Lake Jackson or Brazoria County, Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §101.101 requires swift action. Anyone with a claim for personal injuries against a local government must file a notice of claim within six months of the injury or they lose the right to sue the local government for damages.

Book a Meeting with a Lake Jackson Slip and Fall Attorney

Deciding what to do after an injury could be a difficult decision. Sometimes people believe involving an attorney makes everything slower and more complicated. You might be hoping to just get a quick settlement and move on with your life.

Working with a Lake Jackson slip and fall lawyer is likely to simplify the process for you, rather than complicate it. When a legal professional handles settlement negotiations, the insurers for the property owners might take them more seriously and offer a reasonable settlement sooner. You have nothing to lose by consulting with an experienced attorney, so make an appointment today.

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