Manufacturers are obligated to make and sell products that are safe for consumers to use as intended. Production companies should be held accountable for their negligence or intention corner-cutting when their defective products harm people.

If you suffered an injury because of a dangerous product, you might be eligible for financial and legal relief through a successful personal injury lawsuit. A knowledgeable Lake Jackson defective products lawyer could help you obtain compensation to offset your losses.

How do Product Liability Claims Work in Lake Jackson?

If someone uses an item as intended and suffers undue or undisclosed harm as a result, they might be able to recover compensation for their losses in a product liability claim. Under Texas law, everyone involved in the process of creating, manufacturing, distributing, and selling a product has a duty to ensure that it is safe for its intended use and that it contains all proper warnings and instructions. The designer, manufacturer, distributor, or seller of a product could be liable for any damages someone suffers after attempting to use a dangerous item.

Negligence in the Creation of a Product

Companies must safely design, produce, and test their products before selling them. If they do not test an item’s design to ensure its safety, every iteration of that product may be defective.

Even if the initial design is safe, manufacturers may cut corners or forgo certain safety protocols to maximize their profits. For example, deviating from the original design, such as by using a cheaper material, may impact the safety of certain iterations of the product.

Misrepresentation, False Information, or Failure to Warn

Every product sold to consumers must include operating instructions that explain how to correctly use the item, as well as clear and obvious warnings of any known dangers and contraindications associated with its correct and incorrect use. If a company provides misleading or false information about their product and a person is harmed because they relied on that information, that company could be responsible for the cost of their resulting damages.

Experienced local attorneys understand the complexities of product liability claims in Lake Jackson and could offer their professional advice at every stage of the legal process.

Products Commonly Involved in Local Defective Product Suits

Although any product that causes undue harm to consumers can form the basis of a successful product liability lawsuit, these cases commonly involve the following types of products:

  • Automobiles, including tires, brakes, engines, and seatbelts
  • Workplace or construction machinery
  • Medical devices
  • Medication
  • Children’s toys and products

Seasoned attorneys know how to comb through evidence to get to the bottom of what caused a product to be defective. They also know how to review manufacturing logs and testing protocol, packaging instructions, and warning labels to see if they comply with industry standards. A diligent lawyer serving Lake Jackson could help determine whether and where an error occurred and who was responsible.

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Consumer products should be safe for intended use. Defective and dangerous products should not enter the market for consumption but often do despite safety regulations imposed by many government agencies and state and federal laws. Manufacturers and retailers have a duty to create and sell safe products. If mistakes occur during the designing, manufacturing, or marketing stage of a product, the parties responsible for those errors should be held liable.

If you suspect that a dangerous consumer good caused your damages, you should meet with a Lake Jackson defective products lawyer to discuss your rights and options. Let a dedicated attorney on our team review the details of your case to determine whether filing a legal claim is a wise decision for you and your family. Call today.

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